Sunday, March 2, 2008


Here is Ellie looking cute.........and the cute Easter pillowcase I made. I have several more projects that I want to do, but I have to get more supplies. Very fun!!
oh yeah, and here's our super cool and hip 1989 Volvo Station Wagon. Actually it's in great shape. We got it for $750 so Brandon can drive it to work. It was costing a fortune to drive the big truck every day. We took the wagon to Dothan yesterday and it rides great. You'd never know it's almost 20 years old. Classic!

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hey - the pillow case is ADORABLE. i'm curious, when do kids start using pillows? is that a stupid question? and are there "kid" sized pillows or do you just get a regular one? either way, i want you to make me a cute case for abby - ha!

sorry your house of payne had a 'tude as well! i should have brought mine to you so you could see how much fun two tudes will be! ;-)