Monday, March 31, 2008


Brian's review is here. You can't read the whole article, but there is a good pic and the caption is cool.

I also updated the SDT link to their myspace page. It's easier to read and seems to be updated more frequently with show information. The new CD release party is this weekend at the Pour House so if you are near Charleston, you should go.

As for us, I have my next Dr. appt this Thursday which will not be fun- lots of blood work and waiting around. blech. Brandon has started working on his Masters, he has class once a week on post. Ellie is learning something new every day. Her new favorite phrase is "Oh, quackers!" A duck on some TV show said it. Sometime she says "Oh, crackers!" instead which is even funnier to me. She is still excited about the baby and ready to feel it moving. That's all for now.

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