Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Fun

So we're back. We spent the weekend in TN with my in-laws. And my mom and granny came up too. They are also spending part of this week here with us. We had a great Easter and woke up to a fun surprise yesterday. See below for more.

Friday Ellie and I went shopping with MeeMaw and had more Easter bunny pictures taken. That night we got a special treat when Brandon's cousin snuck us in to the office where she works for an ultrasound! We couldn't see much. It's still early, but we saw the heartbeat and the little peanut was moving all over the place. We will only get 1 ultrasound here and they will wait until 20 weeks.

E eating a chocolate bunny as big as her head.

Saturday we did more shopping and dyed eggs and made cupcakes. Ellie is a sprinkle addict. It's a miracle that any of them made it on the cupcakes.

Dyeing eggs was really fun for her this year. When the first one came out and was all colored, she just about fell out of her chair.

Fingers covered in dye.

Sunday the Easter Bunny left goodies and we went to church with the whole crew.
E's Easter dress is vintage Katie. My granny made it for me and Mom saved it all these (many) years. It looks brand new and Ellie loved it. I changed as soon as we got home from church, but she wore hers all day.

I am not smiling here because just prior to the picture, Ellie was pitching a fit and I threatened to take the basket away if she didn't stop and Brandon was giggling the whole time. Oh, Easter joy.
After the service there was an egg hunt and it was FREEZING! Of course we also particiapted in the required stuffing-of-the-face and enjoyed it immensly. There was ham, roast beef, potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni, chicken and dumplings, deviled eggs, beans, corn, rolls, broccoli salad, fruit, cake, banana pudding, pie and all the candy in the county. It was a feast.

Monday morning we woke up to snow! It was beautiful. Just when it started to melt, more came down. Ellie and I played in it and made this snowman.

Here it is in perspective. heehee There really wasn't much left by the time we felt compelled to get dressed and go outside.

It was a great weekend and this week we are in for more shopping and lots of girl time.

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