Saturday, March 8, 2008

I am an idiot

I introduced Ellie to Chuck E Cheese yesterday. (It was all Barbara's idea!) Now it will never end. There used to be a song on one of the radio shows in GA called "Chuck E Cheese Hell". I think it was on John Boy and Billy. My favorite line went something like, "I did 2 tours in Vietnam, but that was nothing compared to Chuck E Cheese Hell." heeheehee

It actually wasn't that bad at all. It was lunchtime and there were not many people there. But I know that every time we go to Dothan from here until eternity (or until we move to another state) she will beg to go there. Her favorite part was the games of course and the tickets. She didn't even know that you cashed them in at the end, but she still got excited every time they were spit out of a machine. This shooting game was the one she liked best. No surprise there- she is Brandon's child.The funniest part of the whole trip was when we hit some kind of jackpot on one game and about 50 tickets came flying out. She couldn't believe it.
She also enjoyed the dance floor. There was a camera and her image was added to the big TVs above the stage. Ski-ball was not her strongest game however. She can not get the balls up the ramp. Of course it's my favorite so I helped. Here she is catching the ball as it rolls back down the ramp toward her. So sad. And as for the pizza, neither of us had any. I had salad and she had part of a hotdog. But Barbara had some and said it was good.
Thanks for taking us and for playing with Ellie, Abby! We really did have fun.
And now we have a new plastic spider ring, jelly bracelet, hair rubber band with hearts on the ends and some glittery fingernail tattoos. Good times!



We had a blast! I can't wait to go again...wait, let me rephrase that. ABBY can't wait to go again - ha ha! B

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

You are brave- very, very brave! ;)