Sunday, March 9, 2008

More crafty goodness

Yesterday I finished the bag to match Ellie's Snoopy Easter dress that my mom made. It is very cute (from a distance). If you get too close, you can see all the messed up stitches and craziness. So just admire it from afar please. I was going to make her a purse-sized one, but I thought a bigger one would be cute for the egg hunt on Ft Rucker next weekend. Of course she will wear the dress too.

Then I made Ellie and Zoe Easter t-shirts. I bought the cute Garanimals shirts at Wally World for like $2.98 and then used a strip of the Easter egg fabric that I used for E's pillowcase. I zigzag stitched around them with pink thread. That was an ordeal. I learn something new every time I make a new project. I think they turned out pretty cute. Far from perfect, but you can definitely tell they are homemade :) Don't tell Becca about it because it's a surprise and I am sending it tomorrow.

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