Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is the cute smock I made for Ellie. The fabric has the Little Mermaid on it.

The pattern was super easy and also from Bend the Rules Sewing. You cut it out on the fold, so all you have to sew up is the shoulders. But putting the trim on was hard. I messed it up twice. I also realized that it's really too short to be effective at keeping paint off of her clothes (after it was cut out). Plus, she like to channel Jackson Pollock and splatter paint everywhere. Or she uses the paint brush to paint her hand and then slap a handprint on the paper. True technique!
So I'll have to make a longer one some day. But I have too many projects in line right now that I want to make first. Next up is some bday gifts for friends and family and then maybe something for me. We'll see. I discovered the fabric store here in town. It's much more expensive than Wal-Mart fabric, but SOOOOOO much cuter and more to choose from. I can only go there occasionally.

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