Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh, the Talent

Just wanted to brag a little on my not-so-little brothers.

I've mentioned Ward and Sol Driven Train before, but earlier in the month he was picked as the best multi-instrumentalist in Charleston by the Charleston City Paper. Here's the link to the write-up. Check out the SDT website too to hear some of their stuff. And April 5th they are releasing a new CD. I HOPE my requested copy will be waiting for me next time I get to SC.

And while I'm at it, another brother Brian is a sommelier at a very cool restaurant called Tristan in Charleston and was written up somewhere recently, but I can't find it online. You can even check out the wine list online. Fancy!

And Davis is kicking *** in school and is moving on to GA State starting this summer.

And Tyler is also in school and working and has managed not to scare Nicole away or crash his car this week!

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kimberly b said...

A proud sis. With good reason. Your bros sound like neat guys