Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sewing Projects

I was a busy girl today.
I made this apron that is supposed to be an adult one, but I may have gathered it too much because it clearly will not fit me, and almost fits Ellie. She loves it because it is long and "like for a princess". ( But al least I successfully gathered it. )

**Notice the princess heels in this one**

So I made her one out of a bandana, but skipped the gathering because it was a pain. So she didn't like it as much because it wasn't poofy. So I guess she gets 2 aprons today.

Then I made this super cute zippered pouch. You can't see it very good in the pics, but it is CUTE! and the zipper is sewn in almost all the way correctly and it works. And it's lined in red fabric.

I will try a new project tomorrow. I am digging this sewing business. All of these are from a cool book that I bought this weekend called Bend the Rules Sewing. It has great instructions and pictures/diagrams. There are some patterns too, but you have to enlarge them on a copier so I haven't done those yet. Maybe later in the week. I'll post more projects as I finish them.

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Hey - awesome job. The pouch actually does look cute. You want a project to try? I think I have to have a sleep mat for Abby for the fall...Ellie may need one too, I don't know. I've heard you can make/sew one with velcro rollstraps and covered with cute fabric or something. I don't know. I'll have to look into it but wondered if you were interested. It's not too cute but I'm thinking I want Abby's in pink toile and I'll get her name monogrammed. Just an idea I'm working with. If your interested and can do it, let me know. I'd rather pay you to do it then some random place in Dothan or E'prise...

Also, as I write this, it's Thurs night. What did the Doc say? What's the due date?

And most importantly....got plans for tomorrow lunch? Want to take E and A and go to Chuck E Cheese if you feel up to it? Let me know...I'll be around and checking email again in the morning sometime before lunch.

OK, I feel like I've written you a novel. Later, B