Friday, October 26, 2007


On a blog that I read regularly called Simply Nutmeg, the author, Meg posted a list of affirmations that she repeats everyday. So many of them were things that I think to myself everyday and use to make myself feel better that I thought I'd legitimize them by making them my "Affirmations" too. So here is a combo of her list with a few tweaks to make it mine.

She suggests carrying them in your pocket, or saying them in front of the mirror each morning. I think I will just read them to myself from the computer everyday since I spend so much time surfing anyway.

1. I can solve any problem by buying shoes or a purse.
2. I will not hand over my sanity to a two-year-old.
3. I find intense pleasure in scrubbing floors and toilets.
4. Picking up toys is great exercise.
5. I am not too old to wear a ponytail.
6. Chicken fingers and fruit cups are gourmet.
7. All men leave their clothes in the dining room.
8. Noggin really is like preschool on TV.
9. All requests/demands from parents to children are followed by 1...2....3.
10. Reading and keeping up with blogs of people I don't know is just as good as actually making friends.
11. Children who never want to wear pants are creative and vibrant.
12. McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King and nuggets from the freezer are healthy.
13. I am not defined by my feet sticking to the kitchen floor.
14. I will not scream today.
15. Surfing the net adds years to one’s life.
16. I am proud of myself for not doing crack.
17. Jumping on the bed will develop my child’s coordination.
18. I am not the only one who reads my blog (and thinks it's funny).


Edward said...

That is hilarious! I think the funniest one is, "I am proud of myself for not doing crack!" Haha! I love it! Thanks Katie!

nutmeg said...

Oh, I'm adding #8 to my list!