Monday, October 29, 2007

Girls' Day

The slide show below is from yesterday. Ellie and I went to the Dothan area Botanical Gardens. It was really nice. The reason we went this time of year is because there is a scarecrow display up until Wed and I wanted her to see it. Different businesses and groups around Dothan created scarecrows for a competition. Some of them were really creative! The flowers that were blooming were beautiful. Especially the roses. The butterfly garden was pretty too. I bet in the spring there is even more reason to go. The weather was great yesterday though. Warm, but not too hot. After the garden, we went to Landmark Park to play at the Farm themed playground. It was ok. There's only 2 pics of that because the batteries died. Then since we we'd made the long trip there :) we went to TJMAXX. and Old Navy. I didn't find too much to buy, but it was worth it. Girls' Day in Dothan was a success.

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