Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finally falling into fall

So far, October has been pretty busy and our plans for the rest of month are REALLY busy.

Yesterday we went to Jazzercise and then ran some errands before spending the afternoon at home. Ellie slept for almost 3 hours! That's a lot for her. She is still catching up from our trip in September. While running errands, I found a pretty good new consignment shop. I got Ellie a pair of Polo jeans, a Halloween shirt and a cute velour outfit all for $9. It was all in good shape and reasonably priced. I will go back.

Today we started the day with Jazzercise again and then Ellie and I went to the Playroom with "Baby Abby" and Ms. Barbara. They are our friends from Jazzercise. Ellie did a pretty good job playing with Abby. She gets a little excited and forgets to be careful sometimes, but mostly she was fine. They had fun playing in the ball boat together.

This afternoon, Ellie took a really good nap again and then we went outside to enjoy the nice weather. It's finally not too hot to go out, but still nice enough to enjoy a nice drippy popsicle...until the ants come.

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