Sunday, October 14, 2007

Southeast Tour Part 1

So far, the trip is going very well. We
made it to Atlanta without any trouble
and stayed with Davis and Lori. We had lunch with Davis and saw the campus where they both work. Their house is awesome! And so was the spaghetti. Thanks guys.

Then we went to Augusta to see Wardie and all his friends (aka Sol Driven Train) play a kids' show. Also awesome. Check out their website or their myspace page to hear the tunes (kids stuff and also their regular music). Ellie loved it. Here she is rockin' out.

Next was went to lunch with Ward and traveled on to SC, where the spoiling began immediately. Yes, that's E in her pj's sitting on the counter eating white doughnuts at 10pm instead of going to sleep.

Saturday we had a baby shower for my cousin RJ and his girlfriend. They are having a little boy and will join these 2 cuties (and 2 more that live in WI) in the great grand generation of our family.

Austin came over and helped with Ellie and Zoe during the shower.

After the party, we went to a "bestibul" with Grandma at her church where there was face painting and pony rides. The camera batteries died, but here's her happy painted face when we got back.

That night we hung out with Zoe and had a great time.

There's never a dull moment when we travel! Stay tuned for more....

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