Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mommy's Little Helper????

I walked into the kitchen last night and this is what I saw.

"Mommy, I'm good at disherwasherin' "

Mostly she's good at transferring water from one place to another....mainly from the sink to the floor. I told her it wasn't really helping if it just made more mess for me to clean up.

She also uses her Dora stool to steal candy off the counter.

But she's so cute, who could refuse her anything.

Today Ellie had gymnastics and then we went to the PlayRoom for a while. Here is Princess Ellie (who doesn't like this dress because it scratches her.)

And here is her true love- SHOES!

She will find them anywhere. The higher the heel, the better. I think I will have a problem....maybe we'll wear the same size eventually though. That would be great.
We are off tomorrow on our great GA/SC/TN adventure. Wish us luck. I'll be seeing most of you. And Ilene- your turn is save some dishes for Ellie to wash.

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The Smith Boys said...

Your kitchen looks huge! I am jealous! Have fun on your trip. Jazzer will be here waiting for you when you get back:-)