Monday, October 22, 2007

Back in East LA

Well, we're back again. The trip was fun and just the right length of time. We got to see everyone and do a lot of fun things.

Ellie went to numerous dance and gymnastics classes with GranJan and we got to spend tons of time with Zoe and Becca.

In TN we finally got to meet cousins "Sid-en-nee" (Sydney) and "Kate-e-lyn" (Katlyn) and we went to Ketner's Mill, an awesome craft fair held every year.

(besides the ones I already posted)
Ellie's first ice cream sandwich (thanks Uncle Wes and Aunt Abbie!!)

Hanging with Zoe and Becca
Literally "hanging" with GranJan Hanging with Austin We had a great time. Thanks everyone in GA, SC and TN. We miss you all already and we'll see you soon. (and those of you temporarily in OK especially)

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