Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Yesterday after we dropped Brandon off, I needed a little retail therapy so we went to the mall. We got there before the stores were even open. Luckily Chic-Fil-a was open and we wasted 20 minutes eating chicken biscuits and mapping out a game plan for shopping. It was fun. The mall here is pretty decent. Children's Place had a great sale and I got a car charger for my phone for my road trip. But best of all, there is a carousel. Ellie's favorite. Here she is as a DragonSlayer.

Today we have been chillin at home mostly. We did go to Jazzercise this morning and there was almost a meltdown. The regular babysitter wasn't there, but I convinced Ellie that the replacement was nice too and she was fine. And as it turns out, her mom is the one that started the big playgroup here (that I am missing again because I'll be out of town) and I got to meet her today too. AND, the babysitter from today is 15 and has 16 year old twin sisters and they all LOVE to babysit. I am excited. Now if Brandon and I are ever here together on the weekend again, maybe we'll have a date.

After Jazz, we ran some errands and then came home and took a nap together on the couch. Fun times! Then we played in the back yard and had popsicles. Can't beat that kind of afternoon. Here are some action shots from this afternoon.

Tomorrow will be busier than today. We have gymnastics and then I thought I'd let Ellie go to the PlayRoom since we'll be in the car most of the day Thursday. Then I have to clean this place up, pack our suitcases and get ready to hit the road. I'm excited about seeing everyone and all the fun stuff we have coming up, but the driving will be no fun at all. It will be worth it (I hope).

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