Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Baby Blue

Ellie's new favorite pastime is coloring- sometimes on paper, but mostly on herself. When she runs through the house yelling, "You can't look at my hands!", then I know I better follow her around and see if she's touched anything. Kind of like King Midas, but more colorful. As you can see, last night she touched her face after coloring her hands with a "Navy Niblet" marker from Crayola. They are little tiny markers called Pipsqueaks and each one has a cute and tiny name. She loves them. And they are washable. Which is good since she likes to tattoo herself with the darker colors at any opportunity. Here is a picute of last night's masterpiece and the resulting face tattoo.

Not really sure why she has the frightened look on her face. I think it was just for effect.

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