Thursday, September 6, 2007

She slept!!!

Finally, Ellie took a nap. I was seriously beginning to consider going back on the whole no pacifier thing, but she slept for and hour and half this afternoon!!! And what did I do with that precious time, you ask? Well, I HAD to finish the book I was reading. Tomorrow is library day after all. So the dishwasher is still unloaded and dinner isn't started, but the &*%$ book is finished. So there!

In other news, there is apparently nothing wrong with my jaw. The x-rays showed no signs of misalignment. I was told to just keep taking the ibuprofen and call back if it doesn't get better. Maybe I'll try to get a job at the hospital here.

I do however have a slight problem with my toe. I think I may have broken or at least jammed the heck out of it. I was gracefully walking into my closet yesterday afternoon and slammed/caught my toe on the door frame. If you heard a loud bang followed by a curse (or six) about 3 yesterday, that was me. It is not pretty. I took a picture for evidence.

It doesn't really show the lovely purple color well on camera. It started between the toes, but now it's spread a little down my foot. Didn't stop me from jazzercising last night or this morning though. I'm glad it's the pinky toe. I've discovered I really don't use it that much anyway. And since I already have the ibuprofen and the other super pills, I'm not even going to the Dr. this time.

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Hey Ms. Katie - Just wanted you to know that Mommy signed me up for "school"! Yep, I'm going to start the Mommy's Day Out Program on Monday. I'll got 2 days a week. Mommy said there are lots of activities there too and she'll tell you all about it if you are interested for Ellie to try it out. In October we're going to a pumpkin patch and having a Halloween party! Mommy said that she thinks that the "Jazzercize" Mommies should start a once a week/month activity for us kiddos - like a lunch, dinner, activity, etc. Or start a play/date group...just a thought! Let Mommy know if you want to hear any info on the MDO program! See you and Ellie next week! Love, Abby

PS - I'm glad your "big girl" finally got a nap...I love naps!!!!!