Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oktoberfest (in September)

Last night we went to Oktoberfest on Ft Rucker. It was fun. I don't know how Oktoberfest-y it really was, (especially since I've never been to any Oktobterfest activities before) but we enjoyed it. Ellie had the most fun because as usual the whole night was about her. (It's ok, we like it that way.)

She got to eat giant roasted (German) corn.

Then she rode a (German)pony.

But the thing she wanted most (which of course had the longest, nonmoving line ever) was to get her face painted. We finally got almost to the front and she had to go to the bathroom. Brandon held our place in line (with the floral diaper bag). He's really a good sport when it comes to Ellie and her whims. And I ran faster than I have ever run before to the fabulous portable facilities. we got back in plenty of time and the nice lady painted a special design on Ellie's arm instead of her face so she could really see it and admire it and show it off to everyone.

She painstakingly (for a 2 year old) looked over the choices for (German)face painting.

She finally chose a (German) heart with sparkles to go on one cheek.

But the lady convinced her to get a (German) flower vine on her arm instead and she loved it!

After that we finally got some German food (bratwurst and schnitzel) because the lines were not so long by then. We never did get any beer because by the time those lines were short, it was time to come home.

The only other part that was German was the music. Ellie loved that too. She danced all around. When I asked her what her favorite part of the night was, she said "The music...and the ponies, and the painting and the corn and Spiderman." (There was a Spiderman jumpy thing which she did not go in. She is terrified of those things when there's other kids in them.)

But the funniest thing of all was actually yesterday morning before any of this even happened. We had been talking about going to the "festival" (pronounced "bestibal" ) since Thursday. So on the way to eat lunch with Brandon yesterday Ellie started asking me all about vegetables, or so I thought. I launched into a whole discussion with her about what kinds of foods are vegetables and what are fruits, etc... By the way, according to her chicken is not meat, it's just chicken! Anyway- we had this whole conversation and then about 3 hours later I realize all she really wanted to know about was the "festival" not "vegetables". Sorry E.

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Hey!!!! Just wanted to pop in..FYI: I love love love E's pink/brown pillowcase dress. Abby's got a couple but not those colors - does your friend still make them? Anyhoo...we are so much better and I can't wait to get out of the house and into the real world again! Ha! Tomorrow I'm taking A to school then I have 5 client appointments at my office in Dothan so I'm going to be skipping Jazzercise. I may try to get someone to watch her tomorrow night and come then. But I will definitely be there Tues A.M....and we're still on for Wednesday at our house at 11 AM for pizza, crafts and just good hanging out fun - I hope! I've yet to find time to clean our house for you guys even though I've gone nowhere for almost an entire week. However, I promise it won't be too bad! ;-) I was thinking about taking A to the Playroom on Tuesday afternoon....or after Jazzercise (although she's usually tuckered out and naps...who knows). You and E want to join us? Let me know. Talk to you later....Barbara