Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So the trip to SC was really fun, but it always exhausts me to travel. Trying to remember everything and get it all packed, the road trip with a thousand pit stops, trying to see everyone and do everything in 7 days (really 5 since the first and last days are driving) and then the return road trip of a thousand stops. We did a lot of playing on the beach- I even rode the boogie board and played frisbee. The weather was great. It only rained at night so no beach time was wasted. Brandon and I had a great night out thanks to Brian. Ellie went to 2 dance and 1 gymnastics class in 3 days. However, she only took 1 nap the whole time we were there. (She did sleep on the way home and then took a good nap today after gymnastics.) We also gave a bridal shower for my cousin Becca and visited the campus of the Citadel.

Oh- and I walked across the Cooper River Bridge with Ashby. It's huge, and STEEP. My calves and shins hurt until yesterday.

I didn't take many pictures. Now I wish I had. We had almost everyone together. We missed Davis and Lori and Forrest. Hopefully over the holidays we'll all be together. For now, we are glad to be home in our own space. But I do miss waking up and seeing the ocean across the street.

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