Friday, September 21, 2007

Fabulous Friday!

We had a really busy day today. Mainly because there was nothing that we HAD to do so it was all fun. We went to the new indoor play area in town called The Playroom. It has a room with playground stuff like slides and a see-saw,

then a dressup and art area with a whole wall of chalkboard paint. Then there is a room made for smaller kids with a toy kitchen, balls, etc... That's the room Ellie likes the best.

And there is also a room for Bear Factory Express where you can make animals and dress them up in silly outfits. We didn't do that today though. It's extra. It was a great day for it because it rained all day. I am so glad to have another option for playtime.
After playing for a while, we went to lunch next door at Euro Bistro where they have a $6.00 Italian food lunch buffet. It was delicious. We ended the day with a trip to Wal-Mart and no fussing all day. So she got to ride the carousel.

Then of course, she didn't take a nap and had an uber-meltdown at supper time/right when Brandon got home. So needless to say, she's fast asleep already. Overall though, it was a great day. Hope everyone else's was too.

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