Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mermaids, ballerinas and pillowcases.

Yesterday when we were walking around the duck pond, Ellie said, "Mommy- look and see if there's any mermaids in the water." Apparently she actually saw one right before we came home. Only she pronounces it "worm-maids" Not sure why. She is a little obsessed with the Little Mermaid movie. I'm not sure if she's actually watched the whole thing though because she's scared of Ursula the Sea Witch and the "2 mean fishes". When I told her the stamping lady's name (that came over to deliver stamps/ fuel my habit) was Arielle, she said, "yes. like in the ocean." Only when she says it it's more like "Yesh." Hilarious! I just hope it goes away on it's own.

Today Ellie wore one of her pillowcase dresses that Ilene (thanks I!) made her last year. She has grown a lot as you can see......

(November 06 )

Then she had to be
a ballerina for the rest of the day.

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