Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Holiday Weekend

WooHoo. The video below is the highlight of our weekend so far. Ellie figured out how to tumble all by herself. She can usually go straighter than in the video. Brandon had a 4 day weekend but we couldn't go anywhere because he's on call. Friday night we stayed home and had a roast I made in the crock pot. Saturday night we went to Ruby Tuesday's and then bowling. I won (of course). I was worried during the first game, because I was not doing so hot. But I just needed to warm up. The second game was much better. I really miss the league I was in last year. But jazzercise is better for me so I'll stick to that. Last night we had pizza and today we have done nothing. We are cooking burgers on the grill tonight for our own Labor Day cook out. We've GOT to make some friends here! Tomorrow will be more of the same except I will go to Jazzercise and Brandon will probably go to the woods. There is something to hunt 365 days of the year here so he has already been out a good bit. Gotta get back to all the fun....

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